Get an affordable loan. Easily, fast and online.

Great personal loans

Enjoy the advantages of peer-to-peer lending and borrow from people like you. We will connect you with suitable lenders so you will repay directly to them. PeerCredit will take care of all legal matters relating to your loan.

Up to €10,000

We provide loans from €100 to €10,000 for eligible borrowers over 1 month up to 5 years.

From 5.5% APR

No hidden fees. The APR displayed includes all fees and interest paid to lenders. Your exact rate will be calculated upon your personal assessment.

Approval in 24 hours

Apply for a loan in 5 minutes. If you are eligible for a loan, we will send you our offer in 24 hours.


Open to self-employed and people with a short credit history

You are a person to us, not a number. Apply if you are self-employed or have a short credit history. We use modern credit scoring procedures to accurately assess your creditworthiness.

No hidden fees, no endless paperwork. Just conditions that are designed to be optimal for you.

Transparent and flexible

A loan should help you move forward, not hold you back. We offer fair and transparent services to our borrowers.


No early repayment fees

You can fully or partially repay the loan anytime for free. We will not charge any extra fees.


No money needed upfront

All fees will be simply added to your loan amount. You will repay them as part of your monthly payments.


Flexible purpose

Use the money for anything you need.


How to apply

Applying for a loan can be easy, try it with PeerCredit. All you need is to:

1. Register

Briefly tell us about you and your loan. We will immediately inform you if you are eligible to apply for a loan.

2. Finish your application

Once approved, you can complete your application. It takes around 5 minutes and is fully online.

3. Enjoy & repay

If you are eligible for a loan, we will send you our offer in 24 hours. After you accept the offer and sign the contract, the loan will be immediately sent to your bank account.

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