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Transparent, organized, easy to manage. Gain access to a free interactive repayment schedule where you can track payments and enjoy other great functions.

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We do not charge fees. Lending between friends is meant to keep money within community.


Your friend loan is always up-to-date

Friend loans help you move forward. We help you manage them.

Transparent schedule

Check and track the loan with an interactive repayment schedule. The schedule can be shared and edited together with your friend.

Due date control

No more missed payments. Write down when you send or receive a payment. We will notify you about upcoming due dates.

Documents archive

Make notes, send messages and upload important documents. Everything is securely saved online and always available.

How it works

Record your friend loan. Track repayments together with your friend.

“Billions of pounds are loaned between friends, family and colleagues every year. Informal loans are hassle-free and make financial sense, and we want to help people make them easier and more secure.”

Vladimir Repisky, CEO

Why lend to a friend?

Lending to friends or family enables you to invest at a reasonable rate and at the same time help people close to you. Protect your savings against inflation and support your community.


Fair returns

The interest rate fully depends on the agreement with your friend. Set terms that are beneficial for both of you.

Friendly help

Affordable loans help people move forward. Help your friends study, set up a business or start a family.

Savings protection

Inflation in the UK hovers around 3% p.a. Lending to a friend at a fair rate helps you protect your savings.

Why borrow from a friend?

Borrowing from a friend or family member allows you to get a cheaper loan while helping people close to you to protect their savings. Say thank you by paying interest to your friend instead of banks.

Fair conditions

No hidden fees, no endless paperwork. Just fair and transparent conditions that are optimal for you and your friend.

Support your friends

Strengthen the community, not banks. Paying interest to friends and family helps them protect their savings.

Competitive rates

No middleman, all interest is paid directly to the lender. You pay less while your friend earns more.


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